Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo
Visual identity for Tokyo branch of Austrian Cultural Forum, governmental institution promoting Austrian culture around the world, featuring an Ö / オ monogram representing a "window" into all things Austrian in Japan while taking hints from the understated urban landscapes of Tokyo and other Japanese cities.
Project scope
- Visual identity
- Print applications (totes, letterheads, greeting cards, pins etc.}
- Event calendar
- Responsive website
Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo

Art direction & design:
Studio VVAA / Jan Vranovský

Communication strategy consultations:
Yuzu Kyodai (JP)

Website design:
Studio VVAA / Jan Vranovský

Website development:
Tomáš Mrázek (CZ)

Studio VVAA / Chia-Wen Lin Vranovská

ABC Favorit & Favorit Mono (Dinamo)
Noto Sans CJK (Google)

Printing & paper stock:
Haguruma (JP)

Photo credits:
Jan Vranovský