Dear Takamizawa House

A joint exhibition of Jan Vranovsky and 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Japan Pavilion design team (VBA) held in BaBaBa; in many ways a by product of two years of desing (VBA) and documentation (Vranovsky) process behind the exhibition in Venice. On one hand, a portrait of life and death of the Takamizawa house, seemingly architecturally insignificant residential building in the outskirts of Tokyo, on the other showcases of the building's afterlife in form of objects re-using both it's material and immaterial substance, designed by Schemata Architects / Jo Nagasaka, DDAA (Daisuke Motogi), Ryoko Iwase Architects, Toshikatsu Kiuchi and Taichi Sunayama, developed in close cooperation with TANK and Village® (Rikako Nagashima) and curated by Kozo Kadowaki.

BaBaBa Case Study Space

2-5-15-1 Shimoochiai
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0033F