Ongoing since 2015
Parallel World

Parallel world is a continuous effort to record certain aspects of contemporary Japanese urban spaces. Main focus lays on often–unconscious physical manifestations of various cultural, social, economical, technological or spatial phenomena and their mutual intersections, such as ubiquitous construction sites resulting from metabolizing of Tokyo, various urban elements and highly pragmatic architecture built without architects; formed almost purely by forces forming the city (as opposed to “high” architecture with conceptual and aesthetic ambitions) or void spaces resulting from rapid depopulation of the nation. Some images portrait isolated subject, other capture often–uncanny relationships and spaces “between”, which ultimately define the face of the city. In many cases, links between the photographed topics and existing discourses in the fields of architecture theory, urban design theory or cultural anthropology can be drawn.

The project was featured in multiple printed and online magazines around the globe including Domus, Ignant, Thisorient, The Spaces, Baumeister, Joia Mag or Subjectively Objective. First exhibited in Wrapping the Void solo exhibition, Place M Gallery, Tokyo (2017).